Massage Therapy

Back Massage - Fuquay-Varina Massage Therapy at Van Deusen

Back Massage – Fuquay-Varina Massage Therapy at Van Deusen

At Van Deusen Health and Wellness Center, we know that there is no one-size-fits-all style for any of our clients. Some people will come to us and need relief from just general “tightness” or stress-related aches and pains.  We see our fair share of desk-type workers with tightened muscles from hours of hunching over desks and computers.

Active Clients

In other cases, we work with very active clients – golfers, tennis players and the like that overdid it across the weekend. Sometimes trying to get that extra 10 yards on that fairway drive is just a bit too much – and a pulled muscle spoils the whole next week.  It even could be just the average person that twists the wrong way doing something simple and needs to find some relief that heating pads and aspirin can’t touch.  Other clients just want the gentle relaxation that a comforting Swedish Relaxation treatment can bring to them.

All Types of Treatments

Regardless of your needs, Van Deusen Health and Wellness in Fuquay-Varina NC can provide the right kind of therapeutic bodywork for you. Find out more about each type of therapy to see what might work best for your particular needs.  Feel free to consult with us when you visit or even with a short chat when you set up your appointment at our local office. However, we deciding on which type of therapy might be best for you, be comfortable in knowing that you will be receiving advice and suggestions from a highly experienced massage therapist at Van Deusen. Keep in mind that each of our therapy treatments is different.  In order to select the right kind of therapy for you, please review each type below and learn about the techniques and benefits of each one.

Basic Full Body Technique (YouTube)

Our Fuquay-Varina Massage therapy styles include:

  • Deep tissue Massages – Focusing on deeper levels of muscle, this technique can help relieve chronic tension problems.
  • Hot Stone Massages – Water-heated basalt stones warming and soothing your body – an excellent choice.
  • Reflexology Therapy – By working with different areas of the hands and feet, you can experience whole-body benefits.
  • Trigger Point Massages – Relieve stress in pain receptors in your body
  • Pregnancy Therapy – Pregnancy can bring many unwanted side effects – get some relief!
  • Swedish Massages – Swedish is always a great choice to reduce stress and for overall relaxation.