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The best massages are closer than you think - right in Fuquay-Varina at Van Deusen Health and Wellness! At Van Deusen, we can help you feel your best with massage and bodywork therapy to exactly suit your needs!

Massage Therapies For Wellness

Therapeutic massage therapy in Fuquay-VarinaSo what does massage have to do with your well-being? Anxiety takes a toll on the body and mind. But with regular bodywork, you can enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Long term beneficial effects can include increased blood circulation, improved body flexibility and a more powerful immune system. From gentle, soothing Swedish Massage to an invigorating Deep Tissue or Hot Stone, our goal is to provide you with clean, safe and friendly environment that will put a smile on your face - and leave you feeling great!

Experienced and Knowledgeable Treatments

Regardless of your needs, Van Deusen therapists can provide the right kind of body treatment for you. Find out more about each type of massage therapy to see what might work best for your particular needs. Feel free to consult with us when you visit or even with a short chat when you setup your appointment at our office in Fuquay. However we decide on a massage therapy for you, be comfortable in knowing that you will be receiving advice and suggestions from a highly experienced and certified therapist at Van Deusen. Keep in mind that each of our therapy treatments are different. In order to select the right kind of massage for you, please review each type below and learn more about the techniques and benefits of each one.

Flexible Appointments

Best of all, scheduling your appointment is convenient. Schedule an appointment today and start yourself on the road to wellness at Van Deusen Health and Wellness. And remember: Van Deusen is the best place for professional, affordable and effective massages. Call to make an appointment today!

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We offer a variety of different therapeutic bodywork styles for clients

Hot Stone Treatments

Hot Stone Treatments

Hot Stones in Fuquay Varina Everybody’s talking about it – Hot Stones.  Hot Stone Therapy has turned into one of the most popular and requested therapy types with therapists and spas everywhere.  The actual technique utilizes heated basalt stones.  Hot Stones can alleviate muscle spasms, chronic or acute muscle pain, and tension related to injuries.  Hot Stones can be used in conjunction with Swedish Relaxation or Deep Tissue techniques.  You should be able to leave your session feeling calm, refreshed, and ready to take on the world! Van Deusen is one of the few Fuquay-Varina therapy locations offering this popular therapy. Hot Stones uses water-heated basalt stones of different sizes applied to specific points on the body. This gives strong feelings of comfort and warmth along with a deep massages.  The direct heat from the stones relaxes the muscles, which allows for manipulation of a greater intensity than with regular therapy.  The heat from the stones expands the blood vessels, allowing for enhanced blood flow and removal of wastes...

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Swedish Relaxation

Swedish Relaxation

The Classic Swedish Massages Over time, the body builds up unhealthy amounts of stress hormones in response to work deadlines, traffic jams, relationship problems and more. These hormones can cause physical problems, like digestive issues, headaches and sleeplessness. Relaxation therapies decreases the amount of stress hormones in the body, leaving clients feeling completely relaxed and rested, even after the session is over. The techniques used during Swedish massages trigger changes in the brain’s chemistry, resulting in reduced stress and an improved mood. When people think of a classical relaxation, it really is the Swedish Relaxation style that they have in mind – likely without even realizing it.  The Swedish style is specifically developed to help the body relax.  This particular method uses softer methods than some of the other modalities. After you have enjoyed just a few treatments at our Fuquay-Varina location, we have no doubt that you will be feeling the rejuvenating energy, the improved blood flow, and the reduced muscle tension.  If you have never experienced this before, this...

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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

At Van Deusen Health and Wellness Center, we know that there is no one-size-fits-all style for any of our clients. Some people will come to us and need relief from just general “tightness” or stress-related aches and pains.  We see our fair share of desk-type workers with tightened muscles from hours of hunching over desks and computers. Active Clients In other cases, we work with very active clients – golfers, tennis players and the like that overdid it across the weekend. Sometimes trying to get that extra 10 yards on that fairway drive is just a bit too much – and a pulled muscle spoils the whole next week.  It even could be just the average person that twists the wrong way doing something simple and needs to find some relief that heating pads and aspirin can’t touch.  Other clients just want the gentle relaxation that a comforting Swedish Relaxation treatment can bring to them. All Types of Treatments Regardless of your needs, Van Deusen Health and Wellness in...

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See What Our Customers Say

Don't take it from us, take it from our customers!

I’ve had other types of massages which I felt were very beneficial. The Hot Stone Massage from Dara was great, wonderful, better than I expected. She felt one with the stone. I couldn’t differentiate the stone from her hand. I’d highly recommend this to anyone. It is just totally different.

William Greene

I have been going to Dara for hot stone massages twice a month since January 2006. My first massage I was so stiff that I had trouble getting on and off the table. The hot stones heat penetrates into my muscles and flexibility has returned. Dara is knowledgeable about massage therapy and natural remedies. She is a Christian who is honest and trustworthy.

Nancy Hurley

I have been going to Dara for over 8 years. She is the best massage therapist I have ever had. She takes all of your health needs into consideration when giving a massage to a client. She is very knowledgable about massage therapy; as well as medical terminology and natural remedies. It is very therapeutic for me as I have respiratory problems and she frequently performs PT on my back. I would recommend her to everyone as a highly trustworthy, honest, and caring massage therapist.

Christa Pearcy

Hot stone massage is so very luxurious and Dara does an excellent job! I love how the stones stay hot and the heat penetrates down into my muscles and just releases all my tension. I recommend Dara and her expertise highly!

Amy McCoy

I had my first massage with Dara on April 9, 2009. She did a great job. I do construction work and found great relief from back pain and soreness and I would highly recommend her and have recheduled for future massages.

william greene

Dara has been able to alleviate my on-going head and neck pain with her knowledge of sacral-cranial and neck massage. Regular visits are a must to keep tension headaches at bay! Her hot stone massages are also ideal for alleviating muscular tightness in the shoulders and lower back.

Kim Willam

I was having a great deal of pain in my knee and in the back of my leg. I had to go up and down stairs one step at a time. Sleeping was very hard because of my leg aching all the time. I came to see Dara and she told me my problem was a hamstring. She went to work on me and an hour later I was like a new man. The pain was gone. I could go to sleep and I could run up stairs. This lady is a miracle worker. I could not say enough good things about her. She is the best therapist I have ever had. Thank you Dara.

Dale Quigley

  • Hot Stone Massage Therapy
  • Hot Stone Therapy – Twice a Month
  • Best Massage Therapist
  • Hot Stone Massage – Luxurious
  • Back Pain and Soreness Relieved
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Removes Knee and Leg Pain