We all spend a whole lot of time on our feet. They bear the brunt of our daily life.  More than any other body part, the feet definitely feel the weight of all of our activities. Alternately, what other part of our body is required for most things that we do?  So where better to actually start with massages? Yes, the feet and hands.  Reflexology is all about massaging those areas of your body to produce an overall therapeutic effect on the entire body.

Hand Massage

Hand Massages

Reflexology – Intricate Foot Massages

Reflexology - Foot Chart

Reflexology – Foot Chart

As a therapist in Fuquay-Varina, I am trained and certified in Reflexology.  Feet are the primary focus of the Reflexology technique. The feet and hands have zones which directly correspond with all glands, organs, and systems of the body.  The therapist uses thumbs, fingers, and various hand techniques to apply pressure to these zones, which promotes physiological changes in the body and reduces stress.

Reflexology and Where it Started

Reflexology is recognized to have actually been  used in ancient Egypt.  Since that time, the practice of reflexology has been around in varied styles in Japan and China.  In the early 20th century, the practice was rediscovered and reintroduced to the Western world by an ENT specialist, Dr. William Fitzgerald, in 1913.  Dr. Williams discovered that applying gentle and focused pressure to both the hands and feet could create numbness and even give relief to many parts of the human body. 10 “zones” in the feet and hands were identified.  Dr. Fitzgerald, along with Dr. Edwin Bowers, wrote the book Zone Therapy.  Until the 1960’s, the therapy we now know as reflexology, was called and known as “Zone Therapy.”

Reflexology Techniques (YouTube)

In general, the theory behind the reflexology is that there are certain areas in both the hand and feet that correspond to the rest of the body.  For example, on your hand, from the tip of the fingers to just past the first joint of each finger correspond to the head, face and sinus. The neck would actually correspond to the rest of the finger down to just above the knuckles.  the massages are based on the ancient principle that believes there are reflexes in hand and feet that correspond to different parts and glands in the body.  By applying pressure to these various points, positive therapeutic effects can be realized.

Reflexology therapy has proven to be really beneficial for treating individuals with back pains, headaches as well as migraine headaches. Reflexology has also shown remarkable benefits for folks with arthritis and even physical injuries. It helps relax the muscles and reduces stress and tension. Reflexology is able to improve blood and lymph circulation, as well as proving  very useful in treating individuals with asthma, sinusitis or digestive issues.

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